How does an online auction work?

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Carlins Online auctions merely facilitates the bringing together of remote bidders in conjunction with onsite bidders. What this means is that an auctioneer will continue to conduct an auction at either Carlins Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Regardless of your location, you can then use internet online bidding to place bids during these auctions using a device that connects to the internet.

What do I need to view an online auction?

To participate in the Carlins Online Auction, registered users will be able to view the auction in real time. All you need is a good working internet connection, a device that connects to the internet, and a registered account with us.

Where do I go to view the auction?

All Carlins auctions run in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are found at Auctions are loaded to the website a day or two prior to the start date. This is the same regardless of whether you are on a mobile or desktop device. Because you can bid on a mobile device through our website, you do not need to download any software or apps to access our sales.

What can I expect to see?

A live online auction will show pictures, documents, a description and sometimes live video from the auction. If you turn up your volume, you will usually hear audio as well. This is usually the auctioneer calling bids that have been placed either online, or on site, so make sure that you have your speakers turned up. There will be a button that you can click. It is the auctioneer’s asking price. Clicking this will place an online bid. You will also see online catalogue where you can see upcoming items in the sale.

How do I bid?

Once the auction starts you will be able to make bids based on the auctioneer’s direction. This is done by simply clicking the ‘Bid’ button at the price specified. The item is confirmed sold by seeing SOLD at the conclusion of the item. Any items sold are subject to approval by the auctioneer at the conclusion of the sale.

Is there any online delay?

From our experience, it is crucial that delays are kept to an absolute minimum. Our online platform has an average delay of a third of a second which will not impact on the successful receipt of your bid. Bids are received by a Carlins online administrator known as a ‘clerk,’ who communicates online bids to the auctioneer and the other internet bidders. Sometimes, if we’re training up new team members, online bidders can experience a slight delay which is primarily due to human error whilst our team members learn the ropes. In these instances, we thank you for your patience whilst our admins learn more about the system.

What happens in the event my internet goes down?

A. Simply log back into the Carlins Online website and re-enter your email address and password.

If I’m a returning user, do I need to update any information?

Yes! We recently updated our online bidding portal to bring you online bidding without apps. If you have previously bid with us, your old account information has been transferred to this new system, however you will need to reset your password to continue bidding online.

You should also add your company name to your account. You can do this by editing your account details. Simply log in, hit “My Account” and put in the details there.